Caravan Ensuite Designs

Just as much as I like seeing a final camper and caravan design hit the market, I also like to see the imagination, inspiration, and designs that came about but never saw the light of day.
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Featured Camper and Caravan Designs ⭐
00:00 Intro
0:28 252° Living Area: Mobile Mini House
Designed by Stephanie Bellanger, Amaury Watine,
François Gustin and David Dethoor
0:57 Heather’s Compact Caravan
Designed by Heather Barrett
1:27 Odorico Pordenone
Designed by Jakub Novák
1:55 Dojowheels

2:22 Capsule Caravan

2:48 BMW Futurelight

3:13 Kaesar Expandable Teardrop Trailer

3:45 C3 Hotel Cube Campers
Designed by Jianbo Huang and Ting Zhao
4:16 The Verdier Camper
Alexandre Verdier
4:51 Forfreedom Caravan

5:22 Caravisio
Knaus/Tabbert Caravisio (Germany)

6:06 COLIM
Designed by Christian Susana
6:42 MINI Inspired Camping Pod

7:25 GMC PAD

8:00 Romotow Caravan

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