Conflict Islands, Milne Bay

Papua New Guinea

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CICI run marine based volunteers with an aim to help promote positive conservation messages throughout the Coral Sea with a focus on Papua New Guinea and engage through community awareness programs the people to provide a sustainable and protected future for these communities. Our programs range from in water studies on reef fish and corals to shark diversity studies and turtle tagging programs.

Shark & Ray Diversity


Sharks are apex predators keystone species, without sharks the balance of the oceans are lost.

Here in Papua New Guinea, like most other countries with difficult economics, the shark finning industry has breached these waters and now shark fishermen are hunting our species around the Conflict Islands.

To fully understand the impact this will have we need to know which sharks and in what numbers inhabit these waters. We hope to get a good understanding of the species diversity of sharks and rays form our long term study using BRUV's.

to change the future we need to educate out future generations, learn from our mistakes and change the way we do things. Our community education programs will be directed at school children and you will play an active role in getting the message across to them that sharks are friends NOT just FINS!!

Turtle Conservation


Working with the local communities and CICI's own Turtle Rangers, we endeavors to protects all turtles that nest within the Conflict Islands Atoll. CICI also provides much needed education and awareness about the endangered species and how to help manage local populations on regular visits to schools and communities of the surrounding island groups.



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