The Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative's principal purpose is the protection and enhancement of the Coral Sea, the beautiful islands of Milne Bay and Conflict Atoll. The CICI builds relationships, trust & effectively provides the tools for information and education important to protecting the natural environment to local communities, where they will reach a point that they have food security, useful conservation education & steps towards gender equality. The goal is to allow sources of income to the communities that do not damage the marine resources, rather protect & conserve, which in turn benefits the community as a whole.

The Sea Women of Melanesia (SWoM) Program from the The Coral Sea Foundation, continuing support for this partnership & women involved, promoting awareness within their communities about Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMA’s) & their benefit’s. Continued support the SWoM women on their journey to becoming diving professionals & marine advocates for PNG, especially the Milne Bay Province.

Thank you to PnO for their generous donation, making this program possible!

About the Sea Women of Melanesia Program

The program is run jointly by the Conflict Island Conservation Initiative (CICI) & The Coral Sea Foundation sponsored by PnO Australia, Bambudda and PADI. CICI is responsible for the diving certification under PADI, with both organisations lending their knowledge on surveying techniques, coral identification & conservation techniques.

Selecting intelligent & determined young Melanesian women to then, train them in conservation theory, scuba diving & marine biology survey techniques so they have the skills to communicate & identify, the need for Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMA’s) & their benefit’s, to their local communities and monitor the health and any changes over time of the natural environment. 

The program has snorkel & diving activities in the mornings with some theory and classroom-based activities in the afternoons. The sessions will be varied but informative to keep it educational as well as entertaining.

What the Sea Women took from their training

  • Funding by PnO and Bambudda for the Sea Women to attend at no cost to them

  • Learn coral survey techniques

  • Learn to dive course - PADI OW certification + AOW 

  • Become a role model for their villages

  • Learn First Aid

  • Learn to identify areas which need protection, and the Laws around implementing LMMA's

  • Become an advocate for their local reefs - in the sense they will advocate protection & sustainability 

CICI-CSF Sea Women Of Melanesia 

Aplonia Lote

Im doing what i can as a  mother of 4 to support my family and community.

Gwen Able

I never knew how beautiful under the water was, until i learnt to dive.

Dilda Philip

i didn't do well in school but this has changed my life!

Annette Gele

I see the need to protect marine life!!

Dorothy David

I have learnt also from working with turtles and want to keep learning. 

Atelyne Elijah

Because underwater is another world, we must look after it, the animals and corals!

Vinah Dobbin

Swimming next to a giant creature like whale shark was so amazing!! 

Rose David

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Bathsheba Gaunedi

I was really challenged and impressed with myself doing things i had never done before.

Rita Jonathan

One of my big challenges was learning and understanding about marine resources

Doreen James

I love to be in the sea and would spend the rest of my life there if i could....

Roselyn Elijah

I want to do what i can to help my community.

Maureen Oliver

Im so glad i can take all i have learnt back to my community

Lila Rubin

I love working in the garden and diving in the sea and want to learn more about conservation. 

Fionah David

nothing will hold me back now.

Clerah Bena

I wish to further my PADI studies so in the future i will be able to support myself.

Conflict Islands, Milne Bay

Papua New Guinea

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