Empowering PNG women to be reef guardians

The Coral Sea Foundation has taken its Sea Women of Melanesia program up a notch with a couple of intensive training programs, the first, held in PNG’s Conflict Islands, providing 17 indigenous women with the skills to protect their surrounding marine environment.

UTS - Study Abroad

Nicole Dilernia, Bachelor of Marine Biology, UTS

Papua New Guinea cruise: From Cairns to the Conflict Islands - a picturesque island paradise

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Want to help save turtles and sharks? New internship opportunities in PNG

Twenty years ago, a Rapid Biodiversity Assessment revealed the incredible biodiversity of the Conflict Island Atoll, documenting extensive areas of coral coverage and species diversity at an average of 220 species of fish per site, (higher than the Great Barrier Reef!).

Turtle dreaming in the Conflicts

Papua New Guinea was not a destination on my bucket list. And I’d never heard of the Conflict Islands, located 11 degrees from the Equator off the most easterly point of PNG mainland, part of Milne Bay Province and hailed as one of the world’s most complex and bio-diverse reef systems.  The name wasn’t helping my enthusiasm. However, an offer of a seven-night P&O cruise on Pacific Eden with a friend to these islands, actually named for the naval survey boat HMS Conflict by the ship’s captain in 1880, was too tempting to resist.

Conflict Islands, Milne Bay

Papua New Guinea



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