Conflict Islands, Milne Bay

Papua New Guinea

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Turtle Diaries

DAY 1: 9th November 2019 We hit the ground running with a turtle dissection, to locate and identify the sex and gonads of a deceased turtle, snorkeling with bump-head parrot fish and sharks and turtle tagging and monitoring in the afternoon ready for our first night of patrolling tonight!

DAY 2: 10th November 2019 First night on patrol and 7 turtles tagged and one next with 90 eggs relocated to our hatchery site. The lucky lady who successfully nested only 2 weeks ago on the 26th of October laid her first nest of the season. She has been busy!!


DAY 3: 11th November 2019 Feeding cleaning and nap time in the nursery today with the volunteers. Also a big day setting up Panasesa's first weather station at Due South and WWF & Melissa Staines project site as part of the nest cooling data collection we will be doing this year as a continuation from last years very successful experiments. 

DAY 4: 12th November 2019 It is becoming more apparent very night we are going out on patrol, the biggest impact sea level change is having on our precious turtles and their nesting success. of the 6 turtles that came up to lay last night only one did successfully. The cause in unsuitable nesting habitat, and beaches being washed away by sea level rise.

DAY 5: 13th November 2019 Who would of thought they would be doing RODEO in Papua New Guinea, for turtles!! Our volunteers had a great time sampling our sub-adult population around the atoll. They managed to collect two of the most different looking green turtles we have ever come across.

DAY 6: 14th November 2019 From one end of the atoll to the other our volunteers are keeping very busy with over 15 turtles tagged since they arrived.

However they still have time to enjoy the epic sunsets!

DAY 7: 15th November 2019 What a difference a few people can make. At the eastern most point of the Conflict Islands sits Arorora where our amazing team collected over 45kgs pf plastic waste and marine debris that had washed up on its shores.  Well done team.

DAY 8: 16th November 2019 DATA DATA DATA

lots of turtles means lots of data entry to be done. Keeping busy day and night. Our dedicated team relocated 5 nests to our hatchery, all green turtles.  

DAY 9: 16th November 2019 learning new skills in science is just as important in learning traditional skills and knowledge from the people around us. Our volunteers get exposure to the 'bush ways' of doing things here in PNG, learning culture language and understanding there is more then one way to do things which helps to problem solve in the real world. 

DAY 10: 17th November 2019 Safety never has a day off here at CICI. The volunteers have been participating in all the safety drills required aboard a passenger vessel, like man over board, fire and abandon ship. Although a very serious exercise, by the looks on their faces a great time was had by all!world. 

DAY 11: 18th November 2019 A big day in the nursery getting ready for the new hatchlings due on the 15th of December. Duties in the nursery include, shell scrubbing, tank cleaning and enrichment exercises. Also treating any turtles for injuries and making sure they are eating enough. 

DAY 12: 19th November 2019 The first hawksbill tagged of the trip! Located on Panasesa Island, it is probably the safest place to be! Also during the day they got to see new life being created and snorkeled with a mating pair of green sea turtles.

DAY 13: 20th November 2019 A wet and windy night for the last patrol for our brave volunteers. Wandering around Panasesa island, with bio-luminescence in the water and fire-flyes to Keep them company. A highlight of the trip was also getting to see the coral spawn on a night snorkel!!

DAY 14: 21st November 2019 A sad day as we say good bye to our first group of volunteers for the 2019 - 2020 season. Hopefully we will get to see them all again in another season. We will miss you all and good luck. 


DAY 1: 11th January 2020 We are into trip 5 of 2019/2020 Turtle season.
Our energy-filled volunteers take a tour around the island with the first stop at our famous turtle nursery, a meet-and-greet with the Turtle Rangers and ended it with program orientation.

DAY 2: 12th January 2020 Time to get on all fours 😁. The volunteers took turns to dig up the hatched nests to check for signs of predation, fungal infections and doing data entry. Busy group here, they released over 200 healthy babies in the evening.

Day 3: 13th January 2020 As part of our volunteer program, our volunteers visited Panapompom Island in the Deboyne Group of islands and got to sharing ideas on marine conservation. To end the visit, games we played amongst the volunteers and the children showing a trend in over fishing.

DAY 4: 14th January 2020 There is always time for oneself. If we aren't doing turtles, the volunteers learn a skill from another country - one not of your own. Here, our only male volunteer learns how to husk a young coconut and he helped husk about 5 dry coconuts to cream their dinner..

DAY 5: 15th January 2020 Babies! Babies! Babies! 🐢🐢🐢
The night patrol got us all excited as we prepare 4 relocated nests from our hatchery's babies to be released. Over 400 babies released into the wild. The success rate is a souring 98%.

DAY 6: 16th January 2020 A day away from turtle duties to do beach clean up. Beach clean up is also an opportunity to gather fresh data about the state of our coasts and the types of trash that pollutes them. Together we can be a solution.